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Well for all you fans – who have been disappointed I haven’t posted anything for the last couple months – well because there was nothing to post. Life is not very exciting for me right now. had very little income to do anything…

So recently I had to take my car in for an MOT (a motor test to make sure the car is road worthy) – passed that with flying colours! And I recently changed over my insurance for my car – I still cant believe i’ve been in England for a year now!!

So here is a picture of only SOME of my friends who celebrated my one year mark with me 🙂

It’s been quite a year! And I did enjoy the 3 weeks vacation back home… Actually as much as i said it wouldnt happen – i did get home sick when i came back to England and did want to come home — but i stuck it out and am doing fine now…

But I’m itching for my new adventure now – ready for the next one!

Met a new friend – Andrew. We have gone on a couple adventures of our own and here is just a snippet of things we’ve done. We’ve fed the ducks at Rufford (and visited Andrew’s birth town), and we went to see a spiral steeple in Chesterfield…

This last weekend we headed off West – to the West Coast – we visited a place called BlackPool! It was so fun to see the carnivals, and carnival games, and the gambling machines (which I won 20 pence just by walking by the machine and being observant – I didnt even have to spend more than 6 pence)… But it was a great day, but very cold!

this is a really good photo… i like it, but dont know why i always stand like that…. We also enjoyed ourselves on the beach, and playing mini golf!

and this sunset picture – sooo beautiful on the beach… what a great way to end a really fantastic night.

Well until i go on my next adventure i will say “adios” till next time.

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