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London part II

So here are some more pictures from my London adventures.

This is the London Bridge.

Here is the London Tower – I would’ve loved to go inside but there was just soo much to see – so I’ll go back one day to go inside of it. And this is Tower Bridge (best picture I could get while it’s under construction):

of course I had to go to Platform 9 3/4. And look – I’m a wizzard!

That’s pretty much my trip. We spent a lot of time on the underground, and wondering around looking at different places – didnt really stop to go inside any of the attractions because we were having fun looking at it all… But going inside will be a totally different trip.

I’m off home for the christmas – so I’ll talk to you all in the new year!!

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London Part I

OK – sorry it’s delayed… I’m still working on getting all the pictures off my computer. So here is a start of some pictures… It was an awesome trip and I enjoyed being with my cousin. I thought the city was very amazing – but I must say that I’m quite happy up North (where I live) – I’m not a big fan of the super busy and pushy life. I was in London for 1.5 days and saw as many touristy things as I possibly could – here is the first installment.

Buckingham palace

Tower Bridge and the place we spent half the time – the tube. I still dont know the system though – get turned around all the time, thank goodness had my cousin to help me 🙂

Parliament, and Big Ben. It really is big! There’s another picture of big ben from the Westminster Abbey (which we didnt get to during tourist times 😦 And behind it is the London Eye – didnt go on it too expensive but it looked fun!

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York Ball – Oscars

I noticed i have not written for about a month. Nothing really exciting has happened to write about. there is one event that happened since guy fawks night – its called “Pudsey Bear” – and its a fundraiser that goes on throughout the whole England in schools, and everywhere (a telethon on TV) – its to help children in need. I taught on that day and it was quite fun – I enjoyed entering the raffle to see if i’d win a prize…

this is the “bun” and “biscuit” that I bought to help with the fundraiser – and this is the face of Pudsey Bear – how cute eh? (*bun = cupcake, buscuit = cookie in case you didnt already know that)

Also – within my church the YSA (Young Single Adults – aged 18 – 30) get together like at least 1ce a month to have a fun dance. This one apparently is a HUGE one of the year – because its at christmas time. And this year’s theme was: the oscars. It was a fun ball to meet lots of people,and to dress up in your really fancy gowns. here are a couple picturs.

*notice the oscars in Andy’s hand.

Next entry will be all about my London Adventures – I’m heading there in a week 🙂

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