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guy fawks night

ok, so ther’s a night that England celebrates (Canada used to celebrate it as well but now its only celebrated in BC and NFL, and one other province) a night called bonfire night. This is to celebrate when the person – guy fawks – was arrested and sentanced to being burned at the stake, for his treason. He tried to blow up parliment in London. He was mad at the king because he made unfair laws to the roman catholics… So on bonfire night they light a huge bonfire to commemorate his burning… as well as fireworks to remember the 36 (was it?) barrels of gun powder found under the parliment building… It used to be manditory, but now its just a fun tradition to carry on… Here are some pictures: PB050330aparently this bonfire was a small one compared to some fired that are lit throughout the city. They’re usually fueled by petrol or alcohol (yay burn the devils water!)

PB050325this one i had to get as high as i could on my friend Andy’s back to get to see the fire – we were that far away! And then the fireworks – they were really good (made me not be so sad i missed the Canada day fireworks)

PB050343 PB050353









and who could forget about Halloween!





this is interesting – the differences between the 2 moneys: the canadian thers a toonie ($2), a loonie ($1), a quarter($0.25), nickle ($0.05), dime ($0.10)… In the british (BOTTOM ROW): 50 p(ence), 1 pound, 20p, 5p, 10 p, and bottom 2p.

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