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Cousin Clare’s Visit

Either I’m not that popular or noone comments on my blog – hee hee… So this marks the beginning of half term… and although I would LOVE to go out and explore (I might do some), I unfortunately need to spend money on my car so that it will pass the MOT test that it needs to take in Dec (*that’s a check so that you can drive it on the roads*).Β  But Thankfully I have enough money to do it now πŸ™‚

So for my Cousin Clare Miller, who has come to visit me. We did lots of fun things this weekend. Here are just a select few pictures to depict the wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

039so this is Castle Bolton.

PA230063we’re on the roof of Castle Bolton where we can see for miles!

Short history of the castle: built in Wensleydale in 1399, by Sir Richard Le Scrope – Lord Chancellor of England (to RIchard II). Claim to fame is that Mary, Queen of Scots was held prisoner at this castle for 6 months (but was still in luxery – 51 to attend to her). Deemed unlivable in 1647.





This is the chamber that Mary, Queen of Scots stayed in during her imprisonment. And this is the nursery. The Lord of the castle sang this lullaby to his kids: ” Hush thee my baby, thy sire is a knight./Thy mother is a lady so lovely and bright/ The woods and the dales from the tower we see/ They are all belonging dear baby to thee. (sir Walter Scott).

PA230094This is me and Clare at the York Minster Cathedral. It is amazing, and the choirs that sing in it sound soo wonderful (even the children one – which we heard). These statues are some of the kings since the cathedral was built.

You can also see us enjoying baskin robins icecream, even though its raining and “cold” – wouldnt be a true canadian if we didnt. πŸ™‚









PA260164This is Kirkstall Abbey. The main points: only 15 min drive from my house. 2.) built in 1152, and eventually surrendered in 1539. *which was said to have prevented what was “rapidlly becoming the 1st industrial revolution”. Most preserved Abbey in Yorkshire, but yet the least visited.








This is Shibden Hall. Built in 1420 – passed down many genereations/ and families. Most famous contravercy is that one of the tennants – Ane Lister was a lesbian. But also the Waterhouse family owned it, and John Hemingway lived there for a little, and it eventually was passed onto Anne’s lover Anne…. There were also tunnels that were built up to the house so that they didnt have to see the gardeners walking to the servents chambers. Look at how low the roofs were, and how dark it was – i felt like i was in a coffin. PA260179


That is the extent of her trip. We had fun. Next is me going to London to visit herΒ  in December (hopefully) πŸ™‚

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