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Castle Howard

Well not to jinx anything – but I have been getting a bit more work lately, so lets hope the streak continues!

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of England’s largest privately owned houses called Castle Howard. A VERY BRIEF bit of history to it (*that’s my new thing – to do research on the palces and put together a scrap book): It’s 309 yrs old! Charles 3rd Earl of Carlisle decided he wanted to build a house on this land that they inherited through marriage. It took 100 yrs to completely build it – which half was then accidently burned down in 1940 (when an all girls school went there). the place is around 1000 acres big (the grounds and house). And it was the first privately owned house with a dome for the roof. The Howards still own the house and live in it today…
A bit of history about the people: The eldest daughter of the 6th Earl is the daughter in the movie (and book) “The Dutchess” (with Kierra Knightly).┬á Also, another daughter of the 6th earl married the 2nd Duke of Sutherland. Their eldest daughter married George Douglas Campell (the Duke of Argyll – in Scotland). Their son John Campell was the one who married Princess Louise Alberta (the princess that the province of Alberta, Canada is named after). These are pictures from the house:

P9261579this is the view of the grounds outside of the 2nd story room.

P9261578This is a picture of the great hall – the part that got burned down.

P9261582P9261584P9261599 the dining hall, and the dance all (I was going into a dance pose in this picture)


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First week of school

Well this first week that school was back in – I was able to land a job as a T.A. for half of it – only the beginning – I hope that there are many more Teaching! jobs available for this semester… We’ll see how the work rolls out…

So – this las week, I was able to visit a couple castles – out in Harrogate (I thought I’d explore the area while I was out there)… And they were pretty. The Ripley Castle as been owned by the same family for 700 years – is that crazy or what!?! The second castle was just a ruin, but it was nice anyway – its the Spofforth Castle…

ripley castle15

spofforth castle3

I was also able to visit my church’s temple in Preston (or near Preston). It was the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen (aside from all the other temples of my church – they all look just as beautiful). And I got to enjoy it with my two best friends over here in England.preston temple20

preston temple3

Now let’s just hope that they’ll be more jobs rolling in… Cross fingers!

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Scotland Castles

Here are the 8 castles that we saw in Scotland, as well as some scenery pictures – it was hard to choose – i took around 90 pictures while there – hee hee ­čÖé

13-culzean castle4 This first castle is Culzean Castle (on the south west coast of Scotland).

This one is just a ruin of a castle on the Croy shore (still south west coast) 37-croy shore7

41-pollock house3 Next isnt really a castle – its a house (that ppl. still live in). This is Pollack house in Glasgow.

After that is the Fort Augustus Castle – its along the bottom tip of the Loch Ness. 67-fort agustus castle

71-Inverness castle We just drove past this one – its the Inverness castle. *We drove by a lot of castles, but couldnt seem them because of the foggy rain clouds. It rained every day we were there!

And now we have the Eilean Donnan castle – Dornie (by Kyle of Lochalsh).75-Eilean Donan Castle1 - Copy77-Eilean Donan Castle3 - Copy This is the castle in the “made of honour” movie – its the castle they drive up to, but the inside of the castle shooting is at the Dunvegan Castle (Isle of Skye – which we did not go see).

We now have the Castle Stalk. I think someone still uses it 89-castle stalk3 (in Appin, Argyll. That design originates from Scotland, my favorite design)… Speaking of design, the before the Tartans of Family Clans became symbols, the only way to tell the difference between clans was the flower they wore on their bonnets – cool eh?

91-Kilchurn CastleSecond last the Kilchurn Castle – we just stopped to take a picture, didn’t actually see it.

And lastly the Inverary Castle. This is the coolest one because of the history…94-Inverary Castle Which is that this is the official castle of the Princess Louise Alberta! The princess that the province of Alberta was named after! She didnt spend all her time here though, but it’s her castle! And here’s some pictures of scenery (so beautiful!). Highland cows – they’re much hairier in the winter time…

60-countryside3 84-Glen Finnan loch 93-Kilchurn highland cows

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Well, I’m actually excited that its time for school to start again (first week of September)! Does that make me crazy?
So this last week I spent exploring Scotland with my roommate Nikki. We saw many things – here’s a quick list: Hardian’s Wall/ Vindolanda┬á – Roman ruins! ­čÖé (near the border of England and Scotland)

04-romans ruins07-hadrians wall, tourist sights around Glasgow,

the southern part of the west coast 33-croy shore3 - Copy

up to Ben Nevis -largest mountain in Scotland (fort William)86-Ben Nevis

up to Fort Augustus – and the Loch Ness. 68-Loch Ness1 (this is Loch Ness)

Then a long circle back – around to the West coast again – to Fort William. Then a quick trip out to the site of the Harry potter bridge (Nikki had misinformed┬á me previously, this one actually had signs saying it was) 81-harry potter bridge2

Then on the way home we stopped off at a place with great memories for Nikki – she helped build a bridge when she was 20ish… and then we headed home. It was a fun trip… I’ll have to do a second post for all the castles we saw – we saw 8!

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