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First Half of August

Well I see that it’s been a bit since I’ve last written. I’ve done some exploring around England.  Here is a look at what I’ve done this summer:

1. This is the Knaresborough castle. It started 1026, and was abandoned 1644 = the towns people took the rocks then. I also got to go in the underground passage that the king used to escape when the castle was attached (during civil war).

P7301327 P7301306

2. The next thing was my biggest challenge I’ve ever faced (besides moving to England) – doing the 3 peak challenge in the Yorkshire Dales (in North Yorkshire). It was a 26 mile hike, over 3 of the tallest hills in Yorkshire dales. It took us 11 hours and 50 minutes (we made it into the club! ) 🙂 Couldn’t walk at the end.

P8031337P8031344 This is only like almost half way down, the other half was more gentle.

And this is us after the hike – can you see his dark circles, and my hair’s a mess because 3/4 through the hike we got dumped on – totally drenched (mostly on the right side b/c rain was coming at an angle)

3. I went and visited a castle -Wentworth Castle – this mansion was called a castle, but not a medieval castle, so in late 1720’s the owner built the motte and castle – for his kids to use as a playhouse – now named the Stainbourough Castle.  P8051348

P8051365P8051398 This black and white picture is the Kirstall Abbey. It’s cool. only 10 min from my house.

4. I explored the city of York: rich with history.  There was a castle, called Cliffard’s Tower – it was mostly used for storage b/c the king very rarely visited it. The York Minster is the Largest medieval Gothic Cathedral north of the Alps. It dates back to 627 ad – but has been rebuilt and remodeled (slightly) throughout the centuries. It’s abosolutely amazing. The city centre is also encircled by the remaining wall of the outerpart of the castle – takes about 1/2 hr to walk around.


Next entry is going to be all about my Scotland Adventure. See you then 🙂

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