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2 (or is it 3) weeks till summer!

Hi – so I’m sorry I have not posted much this last month – nothing really has been going on. I now work in the primary (that’s an organization in my church for the kids aged 3 – 11). I teach the 8 – 11 year olds. There’s only 3 in my class.

This last week I have done some hiking – its really nice. I went back to the Yorkshire Dales, and climbed one of the 3 famous peaks. On the Sat. of the first week of summer me and Andy are going to do the 3 peak challenge, I’m so excited. Here are a couple pictures from the hike. This was the smalles peak, at 2395 ft above sea level. the others are 3000ft.june 20 - yorkshire dales11june 20 - yorkshire dales8june 20 - yorkshire dales17

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second half of half term

Well half term is now over and I’ve had 2 days of work (out of 3) – not bad. Here are some pictures from the last activities that we did before the end…may 29 - yorkshire moors hike5 These next two pictures are on our hike in the Yorkshire Moors (pronounced mores). This is an abbey (pronounced Re-view – but I’ll be darned if I could spell it) – very cool. And the next is the typical cottage they show for England (in movies).may 29 - yorkshire moors hike

These next 2 pictures are of the Institute graduation (that is a program that my church offers to learn more about the bible – for the 18 – 30 yr olds). There was a ceremony and then a fun dance/ball.P5301156P5301168P5301158

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