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half of half term

Well before this gets too long – because I want to make this a younger readers friendly. Here are only the best pictures of the adventures I’ve had this week. On Monday I went to one of England’s biggest (if not biggest) amusement parks: Alton Towers. It was pretty awesome!! *Not as good as Disney World though. My favorite ride was Oblivion the straight down drop!P5251102


Tuesday we went to the media museum — it was interesting… I hope that you’re jealous Holly because its all about what you do for a living… I had a chance to be on TV news…  The people watching me said I did better than some reporters.



Today (Thurs) we went to Golden Acre Park – it was SOO big and beautiful. Here is some of what it looked like (walking part)P5281151Going hiking tomorrow, and to other places on Saturday. Stay tuned!!

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ice skating adventure in shefield

it was a lovely indoor skating rink – every rink is indoor. They were all impressed how I, and my Canadian friend, were able to skate so well. They didnt realize that we’ve been skating a lot more, and longer than they have… And they were also really shocked that we would skate outside by flooding the field, or skating on a lake/pond. 🙂may 9 - shefield4may 9 - shefield10

And this lovely knee is what you get when you try to show off (lol), and trip!may 9 - shefield12

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Shibdon Hall and Park

Me and Andy went on a nice day out. Another nice house, and beautiful park – all these local places, can’t wait to visit further away places!P5071033

Oh the row boat was soo FUN! although all i did was end up going around in a circle.P5071039 sooo pretty!


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Bank holiday and my birthday

Just so that i can make some of you so jealous you’ll come visit me here may-4-harewood-house12are some pictures! This picture is of the grounds at harewood house! This is the 3rd biggest estate in the West part of England (Yorkshire area) – so i’ve been told. It is really nice.may-4-harewood-house9 And this is a picture of the house. Can you see the black dot that is me? (on the stairs)may-2-bday-party4

This is my birthday party – the sparkler was shaped as a “B”. and this last one is of the dinner andy took me out to at a Pub! Yorkshire pudding and roast beef wrap, YUM!may-4-pub-lunch

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