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Although I have encouraged Amy to take complete control of her blog, she has yet to remove my (Randal’s) access to it.  So, I am going to abuse my powers just enough to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!


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more holiday!

So my teaching job is going along. I’m doing more teaching of nursery and reception – I hoped to have actually teach classes, and I’m itching to do so, but b/c I’m best with those levels I get sent there all the time 😦 Oh well. A job is a job, and I do get the older grades sometimes. And I’m getting a fair bit of work, so it’s not too bad… It’s the experience that counts. Here’s a couple more pictures.

p41809341This picture is the Harewood house.  Another large house, with insanely large grounds around it. Some of the beautiful grounds. There’s also a bird santuary there was well. it was fun.p4180945 My newBritish look – I think I’ll be a model!

p4180958This picture is funny. Apparently “birds” means like girlfriends (kind of like our use of ‘chicks’) – this is mary my roommate. she thought it was fun!

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my holiday adventures

Well, It’s been really busy, so i’m sorry I didn’t get these on earlier. Here are some (only a selection, if you want the full thing then you have to go onto facebook, or wait till I come home to show you) pictures from my holiday trips to see my great aunt sylvia and other places.april14-bridgnorth4

This first picture is of a church in Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton. It was very beautiful inside. It said “Thine house of the Lord” on the arch way.april14-bridgnorth8This is Sylvia and me walking to the bottom of the town – it is split into the top half (ontop of the hill), and the bottom half – and you go up a cool trolly on the side of the hill.april14-bridgnorth14

This is a picture of the upper town of bridgnorth. And this picture is of us standing infront of a ruin of a castle that was built in 912 AD. CRAZY!april14-bridgnorth19

april15-wolverhampton-city6This is the oldest building (and church) in the city of Wolverhampton. This is me having fun in West Park, in Wolverhampton. It was a beautiful park (this is just the kids play area).

april-15-west-park-wolverhampton9april-15-wightwick-manor4This house is the Wightwick manor. It was huge! Inside is now just some walpaper designs, and such (didn’t go in too expensive), but the grounds were absolutely wonderful – HUGE!!april-15-wightwick-manor5april-15-west-park-wolverhampton2

These are some of the hedges (there were others – that had shapes!) at the Manor. Next is Aunt Sylvia and me in West Park Wolverhampton. I also got to meet their cousin, what a sweet lady.

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quick note

Here’s a quick note to ease your curious minds. I will add more pictures tomorrow (It’s 1 AM right now). These are pictures that you’re all asking for.

p4181786my new hair style. It’s ginger. I get made fun of for it. And I’ve been called by Mary Jane – but I hope it isn’t the most recent one b/c I can’t stand her!

This is my beauty – it’s a pretty good car for having paid 500 pounds (well 600 b/c I had to change the tires). it’s a Vauxhall corsa. and driving on the wrong side of the road and car is not a problem it’s the navigating through the turns, and round abouts that is tricky! and this is my street (pretty run down eh?)

p42309721p4230975This is my best friend over here. His name is Andrew. He’s a really fun guy, and you’ve got to love his accent! 🙂

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Yorkshire Dales

So as you know England has been on Easter break this last week, and will be next week. I am currently at my friends house hooked to the internet (we get our internet next week *smiles*) – so I can finally post pictures. These pictures are from the day trip my roommate Nickey took me on – to the yorkshire dales. SOOO beautiful! I took so many pictures it’s hard to pick just a few to put on. Join facebook and you can see more. This is my roommate Nicky (in red coat), and my friend Jenny at the Bolton Abbey.

april4-bolten-abby7 The stepping stones at Bolton Abbey.


This is the ruins of Bolton Abbey. When the King first broke away from the church and went he country tried the very short lived republican government they went around and burned all the Abbeys – so now they are all in ruins. So pretty!


Of course I had to get this picture!


Sweet shop, and tea room.

april4-field-of-flowersDafodils everywhere! *They really are everywhere.april4-hp-bridge3

The bridge that the train heading to hogwarts went on!


april4-yorkshire-dales-roadbeautiful yorkshire country side the beautiful (but crazily insanely) narrow roads. More into towns there’s stone walls on both sides

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