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It’s been a couple weeks since I wrote. It’s hard when you dont have the inernet at home. But the last couple weeks have been great. I’ve had a teaching job almost everyday, so that’s very helpful 🙂
I do have more picture that I would love to add, and will add as soon as I get the internet. But I’ll just tell you that the schools are starting to like me – at lesat for the year 1 – 3 classes, and the reception and nursery age groups. So things are starting to look up.
I’m now being very helpful, contributing member to the Leeds 5th Branch (In Morley), and I get to come up with fun activities 🙂
Next week is their easter break, they get two weeks, so I’m doing a lot of exploring during that time – so even more pictures. I’m also goign to visit my great Aunt Sylvia, so I’m excited for that as well.
I’m loving my car, and have adapted to driving on the wrong side of the car and wrong side of the road quite nicely I would say. I got used to the wrong side of the road faster than having to be on the right side of the car. Just remember Left is good, right is bad. *Smiles*. More from me in a couple weeks. BUt know I’m doing fine 🙂

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Good day

Well – nothing’s final yet, but the last two days at this one school (a junior and infant school) was really fun. I think I have finally found the age group I’m good at teaching – reception, year 1 to year 3 (although it gets a bit harder in year 3, but I can still manage it). Reception, if you’re wondering is like our kindergarden. They start at the age of 4 – have about 3 or 4 mini lessons (I did numbers, phonics – they don’t teach the alphabet, but more the phonetic sounds till about year 4 or 5, topic – taking turns, ICT (computers), and they had short music) – the rest of the day they get to hands on extended learning (*play!*). I got really positive feed back from the TA’s that were in the room so I’m guessing that I will get positive feed back from the head teacher!
Well my time is up on the public library computer (our internet is down for the next week or two), so I’ll sign off. Hopefully the next will be just as exciting of a post!

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Happy Red Nose Day


Today is a big day in the UK. It’s called “Red Nose Day: Do Something funny for money”. It’s a HUGE fund raising event all over the UK. You do something funny for money (eg. one of the schools head master said that he would shave his head of his long hair if they raised enough money… and things like that) – people all over their jobs had to dress up really funny. You saw people walking around town in like their PJ’s – its almost like a whole ‘nother Halloween 🙂 It’s all over the place – I will be buying a nose so that I can support is as well. *I bought 2 – one is going home to you Bailey (sometime *smiles*), and I won a traveler’s case for your shampoo, etc. when I bought a raffle ticket. You raise money and at the end of the day all these famous Britian actors/singers/comics provide you with a night of comic relief. These funds are shared to help people in Africa, as well as people who’re struggling in the UK.
I think it’s a wonderful event!
If you want to know a bit more about it, here is a website you should go to. It tells you about it:

“In schools, offices and homes across the land, everyone wears – you’ve guessed it – the latest Red Nose- this year there’s 3 to choose from – and does whatever tickles their fancy to raise cash. You name it, they do it! From sponsored kissathons and flamboyant fancy dress to gungetastic trials and naked pole vaulting. Ok, we made the last one up.” (directly FROM: )

To tell you what the weather is like – I was able to walk into the city centre (20 min walk) in only a long sleeve shirt, and my hoodie. It was a really nice day, but boy does it get chilly at night 🙂

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Quick note

Thank you Holly for providing those pictures of the piles of snow – everyone here loved to look at them and are amazed at all the snow. and they’re even more amazed (and perplexed) that we have to plug in our cars @ night so that the engine doesn’t freeze over night ( *smiles*).
Thank you all for your prayers and support. The agency has found a few jobs for me next week (but still not as many as I would’ve hoped for – so it’s sort of starting to work itself out)… I will keep you posted. This job for next week is for the infant and nursery school (which are for the keystage1 – translation kind of like the equivilent to our kindergarden, grade 1 & 2). *Junior schools are yr 3 – 6 (grade 3 – 6 , then they enter high school for 3 years and then they graduate @ age 16 (I think it is) – crazy EH?! So I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully if i recieve good feedback over the next assignments I’ll get back on the guaranteed pay scheme and all will be a bit easier again… *I’m also thinking – considering how many jobs they offer me – looking at registering for another agency as well, so that I might be able to get more jobs… But we’ll see how it all turns out.

I’m keeping the faith, and just taking it one step @ a time. my-street5 This is my favorite road sign here – I think it’s cool (I know I’m weird). clayton-bradford3 here’s the wrong side of the street driving (*wink*) I’m getting used to the roads being flipped, but i will admit the closer I get to getting a car and driving the more scared I am that I’ll mess up and turn down the wrong side (*smiles*)

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Well – not to put a down sider to everything good that’s happened, but right now I’ve hit a snag in work. Because I was given a bad review (the first school that I’ve ever taught in over here) at my first school I have been taken off the guaranteed pay scheme – so now I only get paid by day-by-day jobs. The agency said that they’re going to do all they can to get me up and running on the guaranteed pay as soon as possible – but so far it’s not looking like that’ll happen soon. I have faith, and I am praying all the time. And there’s also the possibility to sign up with another agency, or do some office temping until I can get back on my feet and get offered jobs. My faith is being tested right now and so is my patience… But you know what the Lord says only after the trial comes faith.
This is a petition (sort of) asking for all your prayers (to go along with mine) that everything will get itself sorted out (and “right quick” as they would say over here) so that I wont have to cut this blog short (hee hee).

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First YSA Activity

So today was the first YSA (For those who aren’t Mormon, that is Young Single Adult, university aged people) dance tonight. It was really interesting. The dancing there is crazy – lots of jumping/bouncing around. Think of the Edmonton ones, but crazier in a smaller place. It was fun though – I had the chance to meet some new people – I wont be able to remember them all (definitely don’t remember their names), but it was nice to get out and meet people.
My landlord – he was the presiding priesthood who was looking after the dance, tried to set me up with all these boys. He’s kind of a character like that. I don’t remember half of them. My roommate, Mary, did my hair the British way (as she says its a bit different, but I dont think it’s much different), and my make up. They all said that I clean up well, and that I’ll hook me a nice British boy – hee hee. The scariest part is that I borrowed some of Mary’s “trousers” – which were skinnies (or Emo pants, tight jeans) – I never thought I would wear them, and I dont think I will again – lol. By the end though I might break down and wear their fashion.p3060839 this is my roommate and her sister.p3060840 Me in my “skinnies”

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First week finished

Well I write this on a very concerned note. Thursday I was sick, so I lost the 2 days of work that was planned – I showed up on friday and everyone was surprised – they had not told the agency that they wanted the other girl for continuity for the children, so of course by that time it was too late to find me a job for that day. Later that day they phoned me with the review from the head teacher at the other school and he said he was concerned with my classroom management, and knowledge of the curriculum. It’s not the curriculum that’s the problem – its how shocked I was at how rude the students are to the teachers. I knew that they were bad, but I was not prepared for THAT bad! So now I’ve looked some tactics up (and reread their booklet), I think I can do better. I just hope that they can find me some jobs. *Whatever you do don’t let your class know of your weakness, they’re walk all over it – like not being able to pronounce their names*.
So I was a bit frustrated as you can imagine. So Friday I took that opportunity to walk a little around Bradford’s City Center. Here are a couple pictures. bradford-citycentre2 This picture is the city hall of Bradford. Beautiful building. This next picture is the other side of it (with the sun helping, not blocking the view) brdford-citycentre4 This is a picture of the garden right behind the city hall. It’s a weird one. I’m sitting on the horse (can you see?)bradford-citycentre7 Next is a picture of the hill across the street from the school in Clayton that I was supposed to teach at. Look how beautiful it looks (and I’m not sure if you can see it but in one of the backyards are a few horses).clayton-bradfrod51
Once I got back into Leeds I decided that I would walk around a little more and explore. I ended up walking around near the university. But here are some pictures I took while in city center. This first one I took because it reminded me of Randy (even though I know he will not be in court rooms)court-house-leeds The next one – guess what the building is. I will tell you at the end. leeds-university4 And one more for you delight (I’ve got loads more) This is the one part of the hospital in Leeds City Center.leeds-city-centre-hospital And this is their ambulance.leeds-ambulance

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second day of teaching

I wasn’t going to write anything for a little – but today went OK – now that i have an idea on where the buses are (and what side of the street to be on *smiles*) I’m dong OK (although I need a car to spend less on bus fair – it’ll do for now. I’m currently looking for cars – they’re not hard to find, but I need someone who knows cars to come with me so I don’t get ripped off (like getting a bad engine)
So I’m a little more used to the school system (sort of). I taught year 3 in the morning and year 4 in the afternoon. The children here are just like the kids back home – when there’s a substitute teacher you try to get away with everything (including being the chattiest bunch). It gets a bit frustrating, and I don’t get as far in the lesson as some teachers would hope (but I know how that goes). I’m found a strategy that sort of works – that is keeping a list of those that behave they get to be dismissed early, and also keeping the kids in for “play time” (recess) for a few minutes. I’m at the same school – and they’re mostly Asians (pakistan, india, etc) – so they treat teachers differently. I think it’s some sort of religious school b/c they have assembly every morning and they say a prayer (and then a similar one in Punjabi, I think it was). That is all interesting. I can’t wait to see what other schools do!

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first day of teaching

Well the day started off as a disaster! I was on the right bus, but then I had to transfer and well – I was on the wrong side of the road. I figured that out as I saw the bus I needed drive by :O So I missed it – which made me 20 minutes late for arriving at the school. In the morning I had very little briefing time of what i was supposed to teach – so that was interesting. I started with a year 3 class (so about the 7 or 8 yr olds). Because a teacher was sick they had to combine the class with another, so I had 35 students in one class (ahh!). The afternoon went more smoothly with the year 6 class (so the 10 – 11 yr olds). I made a few mistakes – just vocabulary wise (and spelling – my American came out in me and I spelled colour without the “u” and the kids looked at me strange – hee hee). The school consists of mostly Indians (East Indians), and that’s pretty much the make up of the neighbourhood as well. But it’s a very friendly school and the teachers were willing to help whenever needed (especially the teachers aide).
I ended up missing the bus home by about 30 seconds – and the buses don’t tend to like to wait for someone running for the bus aparently (well depending on the driver). So I had to wait 30 minutes for the next one in freezing cold wind. and then I got off the wrong bus stop and had to walk to the connecting bus and wait almost 20 minutes. Needless to say my toes and hands are sufficiently frozen to the bone right now, and my feet are really tired. I can’t wait till I can get a car 🙂
That is all – I will be returning to this school for tuesday and Wed, and possibly every mon – wed for the next few weeks, we’ll see. I dont know my assignment for thurs or friday yet.

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