February 12, 2009 at 4:08 pm 1 comment

Welcome to Amy Miller’s blog. I, the writer of this particular post in not actually Amy, but her brother Randal. Amy asked me to help set up this blog, the largest portion of said task being the custom header you see above. Let me take a few seconds to explain the aspects of this banner.

Amy: the author and protagonist of this blog; an Edmonton, Canada native who is about to depart to England to work for an yet to be determined time as a substitute teacher.

Lioners: an (admittedly uncommon) title used to denote a resident of Leeds, the city in which Amy will be teaching.

Amy of the Lioners: a reference to song “Gordo of the Lions,” by the popular Amy and the Amos, which tells the sad tale of our long lost older brother who was accidently left in the Salt Lake City zoo to grow up among the lions.

The Golden Owl: a symbol of Leeds; various statues of which adorn the Leeds Civic Hall

And with this I sign off – all forthcoming posts will be written by Amy herself (the next of which may not be posted for a number of days, depending on her eminent travel schedule)

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  • 1. Kristin  |  February 24, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    I have added your blog to the blogroll on my website, but I’m afraid I insist on calling your blog: Amy’s English Adventure. Hopefully you won’t mind too much.

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