End of my journey

Sad to tell you all – it is coming to a close of my journey and adventure here in England. I’ve had a blast, learned a lot, made lots of cool friends…

But the time has come for me to return back home and pursue other adventures… I will be ending my journey on the 17th of October 2010. I will be posting shortly pictures since april to when I leave.


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Happy Easter

Well the first 2 weeks of April have come and gone. And I’ll tell you that I lived it up. It was exciting. Last week I took a trip along the East coast! Went to Whitby, and then took a quick detour to Filey… Silly to drive almost an hour to get a Knickerbocker Glory (which it ended up that Filey didnt sell anyway – 😛 ) But here’s some pictures

these are some of the best pictures taken… with my roommate Kitty and my friend Andrew.

This week is full with MORE road trips so stay tuned!!

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Well for all you fans – who have been disappointed I haven’t posted anything for the last couple months – well because there was nothing to post. Life is not very exciting for me right now. had very little income to do anything…

So recently I had to take my car in for an MOT (a motor test to make sure the car is road worthy) – passed that with flying colours! And I recently changed over my insurance for my car – I still cant believe i’ve been in England for a year now!!

So here is a picture of only SOME of my friends who celebrated my one year mark with me 🙂

It’s been quite a year! And I did enjoy the 3 weeks vacation back home… Actually as much as i said it wouldnt happen – i did get home sick when i came back to England and did want to come home — but i stuck it out and am doing fine now…

But I’m itching for my new adventure now – ready for the next one!

Met a new friend – Andrew. We have gone on a couple adventures of our own and here is just a snippet of things we’ve done. We’ve fed the ducks at Rufford (and visited Andrew’s birth town), and we went to see a spiral steeple in Chesterfield…

This last weekend we headed off West – to the West Coast – we visited a place called BlackPool! It was so fun to see the carnivals, and carnival games, and the gambling machines (which I won 20 pence just by walking by the machine and being observant – I didnt even have to spend more than 6 pence)… But it was a great day, but very cold!

this is a really good photo… i like it, but dont know why i always stand like that…. We also enjoyed ourselves on the beach, and playing mini golf!

and this sunset picture – sooo beautiful on the beach… what a great way to end a really fantastic night.

Well until i go on my next adventure i will say “adios” till next time.

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Well I am back 🙂 I made it safely to my home in merry ol’ England, and its good to be back…
But as my mom commented in to the last blog entry – on the Tuesday I got back I woke up to a nice and lovely surprise: SNOW!!!! It was great – here i was all sad that I missed the snow in England, but I got a chance to see it – I’ve had a couple snowball fights (didnt get to catch them though as I was getting snow shoved in my face, etc)…

We did recieve snow all week – whats frustrating is that lots of schools (on Wed there were – that I counted – 235 schools – primary, highschool, and universities/colleges closed) – can you believe it!?!?!?!? But I guess they’re not equipped for snow up to your ankles – that does melt quite fast and turn to ice quite fast at night/morning…

Christmas at home was really fantastic as well… Loved visiting with the family… Here’s a couple pictures – compare the snow…

this last picture is of the winter wonderland we had in our own house – made by my younger sister as a surprise for my dad… I thought it was cute and thoughtful 🙂

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London part II

So here are some more pictures from my London adventures.

This is the London Bridge.

Here is the London Tower – I would’ve loved to go inside but there was just soo much to see – so I’ll go back one day to go inside of it. And this is Tower Bridge (best picture I could get while it’s under construction):

of course I had to go to Platform 9 3/4. And look – I’m a wizzard!

That’s pretty much my trip. We spent a lot of time on the underground, and wondering around looking at different places – didnt really stop to go inside any of the attractions because we were having fun looking at it all… But going inside will be a totally different trip.

I’m off home for the christmas – so I’ll talk to you all in the new year!!

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London Part I

OK – sorry it’s delayed… I’m still working on getting all the pictures off my computer. So here is a start of some pictures… It was an awesome trip and I enjoyed being with my cousin. I thought the city was very amazing – but I must say that I’m quite happy up North (where I live) – I’m not a big fan of the super busy and pushy life. I was in London for 1.5 days and saw as many touristy things as I possibly could – here is the first installment.

Buckingham palace

Tower Bridge and the place we spent half the time – the tube. I still dont know the system though – get turned around all the time, thank goodness had my cousin to help me 🙂

Parliament, and Big Ben. It really is big! There’s another picture of big ben from the Westminster Abbey (which we didnt get to during tourist times 😦 And behind it is the London Eye – didnt go on it too expensive but it looked fun!

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York Ball – Oscars

I noticed i have not written for about a month. Nothing really exciting has happened to write about. there is one event that happened since guy fawks night – its called “Pudsey Bear” – and its a fundraiser that goes on throughout the whole England in schools, and everywhere (a telethon on TV) – its to help children in need. I taught on that day and it was quite fun – I enjoyed entering the raffle to see if i’d win a prize…

this is the “bun” and “biscuit” that I bought to help with the fundraiser – and this is the face of Pudsey Bear – how cute eh? (*bun = cupcake, buscuit = cookie in case you didnt already know that)

Also – within my church the YSA (Young Single Adults – aged 18 – 30) get together like at least 1ce a month to have a fun dance. This one apparently is a HUGE one of the year – because its at christmas time. And this year’s theme was: the oscars. It was a fun ball to meet lots of people,and to dress up in your really fancy gowns. here are a couple picturs.

*notice the oscars in Andy’s hand.

Next entry will be all about my London Adventures – I’m heading there in a week 🙂

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